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By optimizing placements and ad delivery whilst also working to increase the value of your ad space, we help get the best price for every impression. We take the pain out of doing it well, reducing your workload and worry as part of the service. We work across web, mobile and video. They specialize in remnant ad revenue optimization and technical ad implementation. Publift helps publishers grow existing remnant ad revenue channels and introduce new products like native ads and programmatic solutions.

The team also specialize in ad server setup, training and workshops. With a mission of women inspiring women, we are revolutionizing the publishing industry with a new model that seamlessly integrates users, editors and content creators onto a single platform. Our suite of premium branded content and influencer marketing solutions generate more than 2B ad impressions per month, allowing brands to distribute authentic content and integrated advertising at scale.

Ad revenue optimization Sortable Inc. Our experience helps us work with clients to optimize their sites and generate more revenue. We provide outsourced ad operations to Google-approved small- to medium-sized publishers, and serve as subject matter experts to large publishers with in-house ad ops teams. Our machine-learning technology dynamically routes each impression to the highest paying partner.

Ad Attention boost the efficiency of online marketing campaigns by guiding campaign optimizations and by reporting the most relevant key success indicators. Campaign reporting - Generates one click PDF campaign reports on all campaigns that runs on the site. Eliminates manual scripting, maintenance or IT.

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Setup time is just days. We bring together all of the most important data sources to provide a single source of information. Data management Inspired Mobile Ltd. It allows publishers to integrate Navegg's clusters 3rd party or 1st party to their adservers. Publishers can utilize the BlueKai Exchange to reach audiences across MM unique users and 30k attributes, spanning In-Market, Interest, Demographic and Branded data provider sources.

Our platform enables data publishers to access and sell data to a wide range of buyers through our open and transparent exchange. Publishers can use this data for targeting and analytics across the web. Data provider I-Behavior, Inc. Our audiences are derived from real-world transactions representing billions in consumer spending. Can be used to identify US Hispanics for direct sold or ad exchange ad impressions. We are currently focused on the Benelux region Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. Publishers can then create custom segments, allowing them to sell audience-based advertising to their clients.

We help publishers capture more brand budgets by enabling demographic targeting with exceptional accuracy and scale. Two insightful and anonymized solutions have been launched for digital ad serving - Relevate Exact Auto and New Mover. The intent data is aggregated from 40 different sources and is primarily comprised of survey, buyer and a variety of other public record data. The plug-ins support adRules, custom scheduling of pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads, and overlays. Developers Lohika Visit website Email partner Custom Development, Technology Integrations - Admob Mobile SDK North America, EMEA Our engineering team of mobile, web, and testing specialists, allows custom development, integration, end-to-end testing, and other software services on desktop,mobile, and video platforms.

This plugin acts as a bridge between the player event model to simplify the delivery of inline and companion advertisements. Developers Adfonic Email partner Mediation Solution EMEA Adfonic enables mobile site publishers and app developers to generate revenue from their sites and apps through display advertising campaigns from major international brands. Enables publishers to maximize revenues through rich media ads with motion, animation and video in banner space. Mobile Rich Media Medialets Visit website Email partner Mediation Solution North America Rich media platform enabling high-value mobile and tablet advertising for premium brand publishers.

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Mobile Rich Media TapIt! Email partner Mediation Solution North America Tapit is a mobile technology platform, helping publishers monetize and deliver across their mobile inventory. Companies can use the CloudSense connecter to provide a best in class integration to Salesforce.

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We build and deliver sales solutions that improve performance and empower publishers to achieve sustainable growth. Our cloud-based solution Adpoint supports over 4, media brands and properties in 33 countries setting the industry standard in advertising sales management. Founded in , Lineup Systems is the preferred technology partner of leading media companies, including Gannett, Time Inc. More than of the world's top media companies rely on SintecMedia to power their advertising business strategy and operations.

Digital publishers use SintecMedia's suite of solutions including ad operations, trafficking, delivery and programmatic optimization to drive efficiency and revenue gains. You control pricing and approvals. Add a self-serve interface for your advertisers. For site owners, developers, hobbyists, businesses and programmers. JW Player powers online publishing with clients ranging in size from Fortune companies to individual bloggers. Services also include video hosting and streaming, advertising, and analytics, to help companies optimize their video workflows and monetize intelligently.

Video player Try your keywords on Google Web Search. Rates and services vary by partner. You can trust our experienced team to handle your needs across media ad operations, ad serving management and migration, reporting and analytics, training and specialist consulting. Acceleration provides technology sales and consulting services to publisher and advertiser clients on a global and local level. Ad Ops Consulting Services provides consulting and training, ad trafficking and campaign management for publishers, specializing in the following: Set up and training, ad trafficking, support.

AD2ONE provide ad ops consulting, outsourced ad ops services and trafficking support for brands with display, mobile and video advertising, to generate maximum revenue from all of their digital assets. Adinfinity provides consulting and services to help major publishers implement and integrate ad technologies to increase ROI and improve efficiency.

ADOP offers a user-friendly way for publishers to add value to their online operations. As your ad operations partner, we act as an extension of your team integrating seamlessly with your organisation. Business Consulting for publishers implementing strategic "proposal to cash" efforts. Mediamint is a professional services company that works with publishers in display, video and mobile advertising through consulting engagements and business operational support.

The name of our solution is NetInsight. On Call Ad Ops provides a more personal solution to your ad serving needs. OAO is a leading provider of full-service, white-glove, ad operations services, designed to meet the needs of publishers of all sizes and operational complexity. Predicta is a Brazilian Ad Tech company. Total Media is a yield management solutions provider offering ad technologies, monetization solutions and value-added services to publishers worldwide. YourBow provides day-to-day, part-time, or full-time ad operation services including optimization and QA, ad-server data migrations, consultations, and premium ad server features.

Frankly builds an integrated software platform for brands and media companies to create, distribute, analyze and monetize their content across web, mobile, and TV. Wired Carbon is a certified reseller, Ad Tech Solutions and provides experienced ad ops support for daily ad operations campaign management to ad tech support for developers.

AddApptr is a mediation solution to optimize in-app and mobile web advertising revenues. AddSuite monetizes your premium and remnant advertising inventory in the most effective way, ensuring that you achieve higher sell rates and increased demand. As the largest publisher solution company in Japan, fluct helps over 7, publishers maximize revenue and reach their business goals.

AdThrive takes care of everything ad-related for publishers so you don't have to. Video ads will also dominate. Michael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner. Video will continue to rise as a primary medium for content. Rome is a multi-award winning marketing and game writer. Video currently plays a huge role in our marketing strategy. In , video marketing will no doubt continue to grow at a fast rate. Apart from that though, video marketing strategies will become much more refined and will better connect with audiences.

More and more companies are creating video marketing content — the ones that succeed know exactly how to differentiate themselves from the pack, get their message across, and captivate their audience. Dom Wells is the owner of Humanproofdesigns. Videos, especially, Explainer videos help you create engaging content that gets you instantly connected with your customers. Moreover, with the ever-changing face of technology, customers today, would rather watch an explainer video at their leisure than read through a full-page content.

Furthermore, if you were to look at the latest digital marketing statistics, you will notice that the conversion rate through video marketing, is much higher than any other medium. An informative video, not only creates more buzz and drive in more traffic but it also builds confidence in customers about your product or service and as such, this is one digital marketing trend that you need to invest in as it will only continue to grow in the coming years. The advancements in technology have given all of us the opportunity to consume and create high-quality video.

As far as I see the next step will hopefully be used created content — comments by video for example. My hope for is a trend to 1: Videos created for one customer at a time and delivered in a friction-less way. Blogger, podcaster, content creator and teacher with a passion. Video marketing will continue to be on the rise in , particularly as more social networks support the practice and more brands begin experimenting.

As a result, organizations that concentrate on high-quality video creation, brand storytelling, and working with influential video content creators will begin to differentiate themselves from the masses and raise industry standards. Jacob Warwick is the founder of ThinkWarwick Communications, a performance branding and marketing company that specializes in content marketing strategy and public relations for enterprise executives and growing organizations. Cisco Visual Networking Index. Steven Macdonald is an online marketer based in Tallinn, Estonia. I think video marketing will continue to play a larger role in content marketing for all industries.

The focus will be on creating videos that are timely and relevant , foster loyalty and persuade consumers to take action. Julie Revelant is the owner of Revelant Writing, LLC, an inbound consultancy that provides content marketing, copywriting and brand journalism services for the healthcare industry.

Julie works with Fortune healthcare companies, large corporations, hospitals and health insurance plans to create engaging content, close more deals and save time. So, going forward you will see more companies build capacity for video production and marketing in-house and integrating it into every form of communication. Press releases, product demos, culture building, brand stories, ad campaigns, events, testimonials — everything will have video components.

Brands are becoming video content producers because it works. Video marketing will continue its incredible growth curve well into Slow to adapt, LinkedIn has just become the last major social network to add a way for people to share videos natively. Having won an award for the best B2B Video campaign for Brit Pong, I know how important it is not to substitute creativity for relevance and results. She is recognised in the digital transformation space, having delivered two TEDx presentations and numerous international Keynotes. I wish I had a really exciting answer here but my gut is that we will just see more video.

Video on sales pages. Video on social platforms. We are all basically lazy and video makes it easier for us to be fed information so as data connections continue to improve video will continue to grow. There are already studies showing how video can improve conversion rates. So, all it takes is a few enterprising folks in your industry to add video to their landing pages and you will have to play catch up.

People still want to work with people so video allows people to really get to know you in a way that even the very best sales copy could never achieve. Content will still come in many forms with written articles, podcasts and video — but video will see the fastest growth in Founder and MD at Bowler Hat. Focused on helping small businesses generate big results from their digital marketing. That means content producers need to be thinking beyond just video on social media or video on video networks such as YouTube , and invest the resources to produce a video version of all of their content as at least an option for viewing the content.

That means even written blog posts should have an embedded video version. Rand Fishkin named Mark a top five social media expert. He is a contributor to publications such as the Moz Blog, Search Engine Land, and Marketing Land; and is also a regular speaker at major industry conferences.

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Video will continue to play a strong role in content marketing and will take up a larger portion of popular content formats that businesses will invest in. With the rise of live streaming video and increasing use of video on social media channels there seems to be more of a progression in terms of setting expectations with users that video formats are the norm rather than the exception. Vinay Koshy helps digital marketers and entrepreneurs rapidly grow their authority and traffic with one of a kind in depth content.

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Twitter video: Social video is definitely on the rise at the moment and is only getting more popular in Social video marketing will continue to rise and dominant in Savvy businesses and brands need to incorporate compelling short videos for storytelling to draw in their audiences and better engage them.

These types of videos are optimized for mobile viewing and are ideal for using in Facebook and Instagram video ad breaks. In April this year, Facebook updated its creative guidelines with a recommendation that brands start swapping out Turns out people are 67 percent more likely to watch a square video to completion than they are to watch a horizontal one. Short videos in landscape format are ideal for Facebook Live ad breaks. Given the fact Facebook is rolling out around a dozen original television quality shows at the end of this summer, we will see an increase in mid-roll ads site-wide.

Facebook will soon start appearing on that leaderboard. Brands need to get into position now with top quality, professional video content. An Hour A Day. Shows are the way forward. Cute little videos are great for one-off engagement but if you really want to grow and build an amazing community then you need to be creating shows with ongoing story lines and themes.

The creators who are doing this already are the ones who are growing the quickest. Fast tracking this trend is Facebook Watch — a place for creators to build communities around shows. Andrew and Pete are the fun content marketing duo who help solopreneurs and small businesses to create insanely shareable content that builds brands people love, through their membership community — ATOMIC. Brands will realise the importance of being responsive and mobilizing quickly to create quality social video content.

This will mean that teams will create more in-house video and use tools that enable more members of their team to create social video quickly and easily. She helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business and is a keynote speaker in the marketing and tourism industries internationally. Mobile usage is on the rise and people love to watch videos on their smartphones. Put video at the top of your social media plans for Peg Fitzpatrick is an author, social media strategist, and popular blogger writing on her own website and across the web.

Peg has spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Adobe, Motorola, Audi, Google, and Virgin as well as having been a brand ambassador for Kimpton Hotels. Peg co-authored The Art of Social Media: Like this year, video will play a huge role in our Marketing efforts. Facebook will launch a platform to rival YouTube and Netflix, Youtube will strike back with their move and I am sure Amazon and Apple will have something to say as well. As Marketers, we will feel the pressure to create more videos and of a high quality. However, 4 areas we need to concentrate on are: Andrew Davis shows start ups how to create a marketing strategy in a digital world through strategic training workshops.

Creating video that is mobile-first will be key. Content creation is only going to increase, and so will the battle for attention. This will actually create an opportunity for authentic, valuable, unique content to stand out. Arman helps people uncover their unique craft and create self-directed lives at ArmanAssadi. He is a contempo philosopher, obsessive world traveler, former Googler, and soccer player. Everyone has different learning or consumption styles and prefers different media for different times.

When we think of video in content marketing, it can be hard not to think of it as high volume, daily video YouTube channel type stuff. I think currently the system is slightly flawed. People produce at volume on YouTube because they are monetised by views, and more videos, of course, mean more views from the same audience. What about for businesses that want to use video as a content offering with a less is more approach? Almost any phone can film in high def and stream directly to your Facebook page to then be downloaded and added to your site 60 minutes later. Likewise, apps etx for editing are available even on mobile devices.

Take into account that google is currently moving towards a new version of search and it starts to make you think…. The entire system is about to be changed- from how they deliver content to users based on previous interactions.

Videos on mobile, sending people to other video content could well be the most effective approach. I know that video on mobile works fantastically. That being said, there will still always be the need for those who prefer the written word. You would need to make both… But as the first touch point in a mobile centric generation? He teaches people the wonders of retargeting from basic sales to choice architecture and other cool stuff. I am extremely bullish on video marketing in , yet the tyranny of choice reigns.

YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram, SnapChat are all great options, but if all are embraced the marketer will be diluted and ineffective. Those that pick one, and master it, will win. We help B2B brand marketers evolve beyond basic lead generation strategies to build loyal audiences through the development of an owned media platform.

Video has always been one of the biggest areas for businesses to stand out online. I do however expect the quality of videos to improve. Just as all videos are expected to be HD now to keep users engaged, I expect more businesses using animation and motion graphics to make their videos pop online. Video is also going to be huge on social media. The introduction of Stories on Instagram and an increase in user video content is strong validation. This is what creating quality content now looks like.

Neil Sheth helps Online Entrepreneurs grow their audience online by helping them to get found online and build relationships with customers. Video enables storytelling at scale. Peg Miller is the VP of Marketing at Tax Guard, a fintech company disrupting how commercial lenders conduct due diligence. She has held executive roles at Kapost, Penton Informa and Gannett. Just look at Facebook. They are doing everything they can to encourage more videos. They now allow and prompt users the option to turn all static photos into a simple slideshow and post it as a video rather than pictures.

People engage way more with videos than with just text or even picture. I would recommend turning your blog posts and infographics into videos. Look at how Quicksprout did this. We allow sponsored posts and infographics. I then personally make a video detailing the info within the guest post. It is very effective! I see there is a huge scope in video marketing in We marketers are already using video as our main content for 2 years now. Day by day video marketing is improving. We can see tons of animations, light weight videos that are yet very powerful.

The only major trend I can see that now marketers want to create animated videos with a few clicks. Industry experts already figured that out and now we can see that many tools are available in the market to fulfill our video needs. Video with animated character and sales script can increase your revenue, conversion and sales for sure. I have been using video as content or sales pitch for more than 2 years now.

And my sign up, sales, conversion rates have increased drastically. Shahnawaz Sadique is a affiliate marketer, product launcher and blogger since He is also very active to create income stream from niche sites. Most, if not all, studies point to the increased adoption of video marketing in the coming months and years.

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For instance, we may see brands experimenting with more video formats such as explainer videos, showing off company culture, or the kind of excellent Whiteboard Friday videos that Rand Fishkin and their team put together. I may not be surprised if more companies start customizing the same video for different platforms.

I also think that we may get to see more companies moving from creating static infographic to video versions of them with more interesting and engaging data visualizations. His blog has also been cited in Entrepreneur. A significant number of experts believe that virtual reality will enliven video in With many sicual platforms currently supporting degree videos, this prediction seems quite probable. Marketers used to treat video content creation like a High Art.

But today, overly polished videos scream inauthenticity. In , my fear is that VR-hype will distract brands from the major opportunity that lies in low-budget but highly authentic video content. A video, as Mark Robertson aptly puts it, is the swiss knife of internet marketing. It can be used all over the customer lifecycle. The fact that videos can be used at every stage of customer lifecycle makes it an even more important communication medium. In , content marketing has seen a high adoption of video content with elements of personalization in the form on podcasts and Facebook Live videos.

The main reason behind this prediction is the fact that biggies like Google, Facebook the two biggest content consumption platforms and Snap Inc the next big one to join the league are heavily invested in AR and VR.

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With AR and VR coming into the equation, we will see a massive shift in the way people consume content. Keep an eye on Snap Inc as they can be the one to lead this trend. Colin Klinkert is a full-time online business owner, investor, marketer, and entrepreneur. He has felt 7 figure success from his online marketing ventures.

Check him out at Serped and Platform. Video marketing will become more and more important in I believe Live Videos will become even more important in marketing , especially to build relationships and show the human touch of companies. However, I believe VR will start to reshape the content marketing And video marketing landscape in Jonathan Aufray is a traveler and serial entrepreneur who help startups and SMBs from all around the world grow.

I help them through growth hacking, inbound marketing, fundraising and product development. Jordan Kasteler is a freelance consultant, entrepreneur. Passionately innovating status quo. He has a history of entrepreneurship co-founding and serving positions in such companies as BlueGlass Interactive, an Internet marketing agency and SteelCast, a tech incubator housing several other self-started companies. Jordan is also an international conference speaker, blogger, and book author of A to Z: I believe AI will grow in the space.

Marketers and small business owners should be hyper-focused on messaging as AI grows. It will be more important than ever. He blogs on frontburnermarketing. In , video marketing will increase in efficiency. As marketing as a whole becomes more interactive, video marketing will naturally play a critical role in your content marketing strategy mix. What really will take off, is degree videos.

Many social platforms are currently supporting degree videos and as more people are using virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus, it opens an opportunity for a different type of ads platform. However, this is not limited to videos, you can also shoot degree pictures. Augmented Reality AR will enliven video in , but the companies that stand out will use the tech to deliver creative punch rather than glitz.

Tom Bentley is a content marketing writer and editor, an essayist, and a fiction writer. He would like you to pour him a Manhattan right at five. For , I believe there are three major areas of growth and maturation. These will be as important go-to sources of content for Millennials and Gen Z, competing with traditional television and streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix. Let us wish you a happy birthday! Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday.

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