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Similarly, both characters saw their strength levels pared down in the last few decades. Nowadays, Shazam could probably still juggle some meteors, but not planets. Initially, this was mostly used as a symbolic event. The actual lightning was not worked into the story. Over time, though, stories began to treat the magic lightning as something that Billy could use to his advantage if he timed it correctly. The most famous example of this was actually in an alternate timeline. In Kingdom Come , Superman and Shazam fought against each other and Shazam repeatedly called down his magic lightning to hit Superman during their fight, in the hopes of weakening the Man of Steel, who is notably vulnerable to magic.

While both Superman and Shazam were unable to fly when they were introduced, it was actually Shazam who beat Superman to the skies, as he gained the ability to fly just three issues after he debuted while Superman took years before he would confuse people over whether he was a bird or a plane. Shazam used other means of traveling through time. Eventually, though, Shazam gained the ability to fly faster than the speed of light so that he could visit the Rock of Eternity. In other words, if he is immortal and he does not age, then is he a god? Is he an artificial being?

Was he once human? What is his deal? One of them is tied to the wisdom of Solomon while the other one seems to be plucked out of thin air. In the first example, his clairvoyance allows him to quickly sum up situations and figure out all of the angles and know what he is supposed to do to turn things around into his favor. On the other hand, though, he also has the ability to seemingly just sense when danger is near and bring himself to it. He can charm even the most hardened souls if he is given enough time to talk things out with them.

His smooth talking has found his way out of the most dire of circumstances. It is what makes him such a charming fresh change of pace from most superheroes. In the world of superheroes, it appears as though hypnosis is likely the one power that seems to be the most plucked out of thin air. This is one of his powers that does not seem to have lasted into the modern era. As a sort of corollary to his hypnotic abilities, Shazam is also able to resist mind control himself. This is an especially handy skill to have when one of your biggest enemies is an alien worm who brainwashes people.

Of course, while he can resist brainwashing, that does not mean that he immune to the effects. Famously, he was mind controlled in the aforementioned Kingdom Come series. Even there, though, he ultimately broke free and used his magical lightning to redeem himself in the end. Essentially, there is no way that you can trick him with an illusion, as he will see right through it due to his wisdom powers.

This actually takes him to a bizarre level at times, as he can actually also see through evil schemes , as well. Teleportation has a strange history with Shazam, power-wise. In the early days, he had the ability to teleport, but it was a very narrowly applied power. It was used only for him to travel back and forth from the Rock of Eternity, where he would visit with the Wizard.

So he could not use it for other purposes. Ever since the New 52 came about, however, Shazam has gained the ability to just teleport outright. This was demonstrated in a Justice League story a couple of years ago where Shazam was hanging out with a recuperating Cyborg when the League was in the middle of a big battle. Cyborg told the impatient Shazam that he could just leave, so he teleported to the fight. One interesting aspect of it, however, is that, for whatever reason, the courage has also given him impressive fighting skills.

This obviously comes in handy, since Shazam has often fought against villains who are as strong as he is and thus he needs more than just strength to pull out the win. Now, he can shoot lightning out of his body as an active offensive power.

They even both dated Mamoru, making their competitive nature even worse. Of course, on the opposite end, it seems that Makoto and Minato in particular are cursed when it comes to their love lives. Both are stopped short when anything reminds them of their past tragic relationships. Instead, Rei has trained in the ways of the miko. In the manga, Sailor Venus knows her way around a sword as well. The anime switched things up and had Sailor Moon do the deed. The live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon also gave fans another look at sword use. Sailor Mercury was able to create a sword from water or ice.

She made use of it when she was brainwashed into becoming Dark Mercury. If a character is a superhero, it might seem strange to think of them as insecure. As a result, the Sailor Senshi can be just as self conscious as any other teenager might be. In addition to getting lonely or upset when isolated from their friends, they can also be concerned with their body image.

In particular, Sailor Jupiter has issues with her height.

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Taller than any of her friends, she also stands at least a head above her classmates. Sailor Mars shows her predilection for psychic abilities early on in her time in the series. Her prophetic dreams are part of her civilian life as a shrine priestess. When Sailor Neptune was introduced, not only did she have prophetic dreams, but she could also feel danger coming.

Sailor Uranus also mentioned as being able to sense danger in the wind. It was revealed that Sailor Neptune even woke up her original memories on her own as part of her visions. When Sailor Saturn was introduced later, she too had prophetic dreams. She was able to project her visions outward to share them. This particular ability appeared to be unique to Sailor Saturn. Even as a child, Hotaru could project the stars onto her ceiling just by thinking about them. Sailor Saturn is easily one of the most powerful of the Sailor Senshi.

She can, after all, destroy entire worlds if she wants to. The Outer Senshi live in fear of awakening Sailor Saturn and causing her to use her abilities. When the manga and the anime first began their '90s run, Luna gave Usagi the Disguise Pen. It allowed Sailor Moon to transform in order to investigate a possible monster. While, in theory, any of the Sailor Senshi could also disguise themselves, only one did on their own.

Sailor Venus also happened to be a master of disguise. She was Sailor V while fighting bad guys alone. Sailor V also pretended to be the Moon Princess to keep Usagi safe. Throughout the series, the Sailor Senshi slowly learn about their past lives. Hotaru is the civilian reincarnation of Sailor Saturn.

Unlike the other girls, though, no one is interested in waking up Sailor Saturn. Instead, Sailor Saturn can open up Hotaru to her past life memories all on her own. Some of the Sailor Senshi hesitate when first getting their abilities, like Ami. Other Sailor Senshi, though, are sure that they can get the job done with or without any help.

Power of two

The anime version of Sailor Mars is one such case. With Earth the target of so many alien beings in Sailor Moon , you would think that the series would travel to other worlds, but most beings travel to Earth. Once Sailor Pluto was introduced, though, it was revealed that there may have been a faster way to travel to other worlds. When the villain Pharaoh 90 asked to only be destroyed if he could end his life at home, Sailor Pluto obliged, opening the doorway to his world. Since Sailor Saturn was already swinging her Silence Glaive to destroy him, she also had to seal the door for eternity.

The Sailor Senshi manage to jump out of the way in battle quite frequently.

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They might even be able to complete super jumps in civilian mode as well. One of these involves jumping. Unfortunately for one of the Sailor Senshi, a love letter can be a major downfall. In it, Ami received a love letter, much to her displeasure. When faced with the love letter, Ami experienced an allergic reaction. She broke out in hives. The experience had her briefly confined to her bed as her energy was simply sapped. The Sailor Senshi age very slowly.

Hotaru, on the other hand, had already been reincarnated as a baby. As a small child, Sailor Saturn awoke again within her and rapidly aged her in order to use her abilities.


None of the Sailor Senshi are in the running to become the next Flash, but at least one of them can run faster than the average human. In reality, she might have been even stronger without it. Not only that, but she was also able to outrun a car to get away. There are a lot of gaps in their memory. Without remembering the entirety of the ancient Moon Kingdom, the young women are able to make decisions based on the people they are now. The idea is that the stick allows the user to focus their energy.

In the world of Sailor Moon, though, it definitely exists. As the Sailor Senshi most associated with water, dowsing is an ability that falls to Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury is able to find water anywhere at any time. Given that the souls of the Sailor Senshi were able to exist in a new time, existing outside of their original bodies seems like a given. What is surprising is that they can also exist when their new bodies have been taken over by someone else.

As Sailor Saturn was awakening within Hotaru, her body was taken over by another entity.

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The Sailor Senshi exist as bodyguards to the princess of the Moon Kingdom. This is a little difficult when the Moon Princess has been reincarnated as a warrior herself. Did we manage to surprise you with any of the powers or weaknesses that the Sailor Senshi had in Sailor Moon?